Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Wine Reviews #100 ~ Tin Roof Merlot

Tin Roof Merlot

Tin Roof Cellars, Merlot, California, 2008, $6.99, Costco.  They say:  plush cherry and plum flavors.  We say:  ruby red color, soft mouthfeel, sweet cherry.  Very nice.  Buy again:  Yes!

*** and look at that – This is #100!!!!  Yes I have consumed and reported to you all, 100 bottles of wine.  The things I do for you, my loyal readers.


Kara said...

So kind of you to go out of your way for us. May I say how very much I appreciate all of your efforts in this regard. I will have to keep this one in mind as it falls right into my price range.

June said...

We're so very appreciative too of all your hard work and effort on our behalf! Here's a toast to bottle #101.

Kat said...

Such a hard job!!! I am always amazed at how reasonably priced Costco's wines are.

Les said...

Congrats! And now I have "99 bottles of beer on the wall..." stuck in my head. ;)