Cooking with an iPad

Sidewalk Shoes iPad

See this?  This is how you’ll find me cooking a lot of the time now.  When I got my iPad, I didn’t even think about using it for cooking.  But then I saw that I can get a subscription to Donna Hay magazine on my iPad for a fraction of the cost to have it shipped here to the US. 

Then I realized that I didn’t have to print off recipes any more, I could just prop up my iPad on my counter and work with it right there on the screen.

You can’t tell from the photo, but Pandora is also running in the background, and I am “Walkin After Midnight” with Patsy Cline while I cook dinner.

Love it.

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  1. says

    Brilliant! I never would have thought to use the iPad for cooking…well…eventually I might have but it would ahve taken a while!

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    We just got an Ipad a few weeks ago and am having fun reading some of the cooking magazines that are available to print subscribers. I’ve about decided to cancel the print versions and subscribe to the e-edition only. I don’t know about you Pam, but I find that I actually “read more” of the words on the Ipad than I did in the print version. Guess you might say I’m a skimmer.

    So glad you did this post. I haven’t tried to cook from it yet, but you’ve inspired me. Watch out for splatters from sauces (smile).

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    I am right there with you, Pam. My Macbook now permanently lives in my kitchen, as does my camera. I would just advise keeping both a bit of ways away from the stove when, say, frying or anything else involving spattering oil. :-)

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    I had no idea when I got my ipad that it would be so useful! I love it! I am like Sam and read more of my magazine on the pad than I do the print copy.

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    My niece bought one of those cookbook stand which she uses to prop up the iPad. I thought that was brilliant!