Do you watch the news?  Have you seen on Fox news that teachers are rich?  Millionaires actually.  And we only work seven hour days.  And according to some, kindergarten teachers need to get a real job. 

I’m not going to address all those issues.  Because what’s the point?  I am going to address one tiny point.  One tiny point that matters to me…lunch.


Would you like to know how much time I get for lunch?  25 minutes.  And since part of that 25 minutes includes walking the students to the cafeteria and then picking them up when they are finished, it turns out that the students get 25 minutes, the teachers…more like 20.  So, yes, I take my lunch every day.  There is no going out to lunch, no walking outside in the fresh air for a break.  There is a 20 minute lunch in the teacher’s lounge.  And by lounge, I mean a windowless room filled with the constant sound of a copy machine running and bathrooms about 10 feet away from where you are eating. 


To brighten up my 20 minutes and to keep from creating mounds of plastic wrap and baggies, I bought these cute stainless steel containers, called LunchBots   I know they are kind of pricey, but they will last forever.  Also, they aren’t good for things that get heated up in microwave, but what they are good for is things that normally go in a baggie – sandwiches, chips, fruit. 

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    I don’t understand why people feel the need to criticize teachers so necessary and integral to our nation’s success. Sheesh.

    These lunchboxes are so cute!

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    Teachers in Tennessee aren’t paid the way they are in the Northeast. There are lots of teachers in the high school here who get $75K to $100K, and whine about contributing $5 per week to their health insurance premiums, saying it doesn’t cost the school districts anything because the districts are self-insured. (I won’t even go into the idiocy of that position on the part of the union.) And the high school teachers teach 5 out of 9 periods, and must supervise one study hall per day. We don’t have much sympathy for them.

    Mark has similar plastic lunch boxes for when he goes on outings with his friend’s (private) school. One great thing about them is that you don’t end up with squished fruits or cracker crumbs!