Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli

Sidewalk Shoes Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli

I am a huge fan of roasting.  If I could, I would roast everything.  What is easier than tossing something in a little olive oil, salt and pepper, popping it in the oven and pulling it out later, meal complete?  As a matter of fact, my husband spent last week with his father (thank you all for the prayers), and he left with a smattering of recipes that I had bookmarked for him on the laptop.  All of them were roasting.  He had roasted salmon, roasted asparagus, roasted chicken, roasted potatoes, roasted green beans.  So easy.  I showed him how to roast the chicken for so long, scoot it over and add the veggies for last 10 to 20 minutes of roasting.  One pan. 

So, yes, I adore roasting.  One thing I hadn’t roasted though was broccoli.  For some reason, it sounded odd to me.  I should have known better.  Roasted cauliflower sounded odd too, but now that is the only way I fix it.  So, in Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics: Fabulous Flavor from Simple IngredientsI found parmesan-roasted broccoli.

It was so good.  The broccoli was crisp tender and the lemony pine nut dressing added just the right amount of contrast to the strong broccoli flavor.  It was perfect.  I ate it cold the next day like a salad. 

If you don’t have the book (though believe me, you should), you can find it online:  Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli.

What is your favorite thing to roast?

This will be my entry for Cookbook Sundays

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  1. says

    I agree, roasting is the ticket. Brings out the best in most flavors. I’m grilling some broccoli today, we’ll see if it grill as good as it roasts.

  2. says

    yum! this is definitely a preferred way to eat broccoli!
    meanwhile, i’m not sure what happened to the post with the pictures of your daughter, but i saw them in my reader, and she’s lovely!