Garden Tuesday ~ Geraniums


I am a lazy gardener.  I want my flowers to do most of the work.  I want them to come back year after year.  Popping their green heads up as soon as the weather begins to warm.  There is only one annual flower that I buy every year and that is red geraniums.  I love them.   They do work very hard, giving me a constant stream of their full red bouquets through the entire summer and deep into fall.  They are my constant in the garden as my perennials ebb and flow.

Please join me for Garden Tuesday.

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    Hi Pam,

    I have to agree with you. I too just want my flowers to come back. I only buy annuals for my patio containers and your red geraniums are gorgeous. These flowers really shine!

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    These were always my mother’s favourite. I love them although there is just a little work to them and that’s just pruning the flower once it dries out. This will give birth to more flowers on the same plant.

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    Even geraniums can winter over if you put them in the basement or take cuttings before they die back. The color of yours is so pretty!

    I am joining your fun party today ! THanks!

    bee blessed

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    Geraniums give us so much for so little effort. You’re right, they work very hard for us. I used to get them every year, but my yard is too shady now. I must go with impatience plants.

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    I like the fact that geraniums bloom on so late in the year. Thanks for hosting. I have been making a new rhodo bed, a lot of effort indeed.

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    I keep my geraniums inside over the winter and they bloom all winter long! Love your butterfly picture! Thanks for hosting!

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    I agree. Geraniums, along with a bunch of dark purple or blue lobelia, make for the perfect potted plant for my deck and porch. I’d put them in the yard (in the ground), but the rabbits would probably devour them in seconds.

    BTW, I’ve also had great luck with petunias this year. They don’t seem to mind the heat one bit!