Michelob ULTRA Light Cider

Michelob ULTRA Light Cider

It’s summer, people. That means yardwork, and gardening, and just plain sitting outside. You’re going to need something to drink, right? Well the fabulous people at Michelob have just the thing for you, with their Michelob ULTRA Light Cider.

Michelob ULTRA Light Cider

I can not say enough good things about it! It’s crisp, light, and refreshing . It’s naturally sweetened, made from hand picked apples, gluten free and has only 120 calories!! Most hard ciders have about 180, so this is a win for me! You can drink it straight or over ice. What I love about this is that I normally think of cider as a fall drink. But this proves that you can have your cider year round.

When I found out that I was going to do a review on it, my husband was out of town visiting his dad. He called me from a grocery store to ask what to roast with some salmon (green beans or asparagus were my suggestions). While giving him advice, I also asked him to pick me up some of the Michelob Ultra Light Cider. When he got back in town, he handed me 4 bottles. That’s funny, because I knew it was being released in a six pack. His reply, “it’s really light and good.” Me, “TWO bottles are missing.” Him, “it’s really light and good.” So if you don’t have your husband pick it up, expect to find it in six-packs of 12-ounce clear glass bottles.

Michelob ULTRA Cider

I enjoyed it outside on my porch and even at night while watching TV. You can enjoy it year round anytime, day or night. It makes a refreshing alternative to white wine, champagne and heavier ciders. And guess what? I loved it so much, I even made a sorbet with it! Later in the week, I will share the recipe. So good!

Michelob ULTRA Light Sorbet

To learn more about Michelob ULTRA Light Cider visit Michelob ULTRA Light Cider page on BlogHer.com. And visit the Sponsor’s site. ***Usual disclaimer – I was provided with this product for review. Opinions are entirely my own.


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