Weekend Cat Blogging #367 HERE!!!

Smudge at the catnip

Smudge is excited that everyone is joining him here today for Weekend Cat Blogging.  Though he does feel the need to guard his precious cat nip.

Smudge at tthe catnip

Seriously.  Smudge is not big on sharing.  Especially when it comes to the nip.



This will be my entry for Weekend Cat Blogging hosted by US. 

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  1. says

    After having watched The Tudors, I think I’ll skip those books. :) Had enough of Henry VIII and his cohorts. But I do like history.
    Your corn salad is perfect. Easy to make and nice for a summer side.
    Smudge looks content.

  2. says

    Vincent would love a little nip but will respect Smudge’s wishes. Happy Weekend!

    I’m hosting again! Finally got my name on the list:)

  3. says

    Of course Smudge guards his catnip. With the visiting Saturday Cats? Much guarding is needed. Happy Weekending!