Garden Tuesday Basil and Peppers

Rooted basil

Do you remember on July 3rd, when I posted about harvesting my basil?  I explained that my first basil harvest always goes to rooting, so that I can have more basil plants.  Well here are my first basil roots ready to go back in the garden.  They have been sitting on a windowsill in a little jar of water, busily growing roots.

planted basil

And here they are planted in the garden.  You can see the original basil plants that I harvested them from are ready to harvest again.  I will cut them back (and probably make some pesto or a caprese salad) so that they are about the same size as the newly rooted plants.

Cayenne peppersjalopeno peppers

Also, in my garden, my hot peppers are loving this hot, dry weather.  What’s happening in your garden?

Please join me for Garden Tuesday.

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  1. says

    Half of my garden revived with the rains we have been having. For some reason my banana peppers are not well this year. The jalapeno is great though, as well as the red peppers. Gardening is still a mystery to me.
    Not sure I have a photo this week, but will look.

  2. says

    Gorgeous Pam and great idea re the basil. Love your peppers too. We took out our little “garden” before we left for holidays but I’m assuming the citrus are growing like crazy and another bunch of kumquats will be ready when we get back on Sunday.

  3. says

    Can’t say my basil exactly thrived last year, nor my tomatoes, and as for my chillies – not a single fruit. Mind you we had a cooler than usual summer, and I think they all needed more warmth to really flourish.

    Maybe I will have more luck in the summer to come – love your idea of harvesting and rooting the basil to keep it going.

  4. says

    I still haven’t gotten around to harvesting my basil. I need to make up some jars of basil pesto for the fall and winter.

    I thought my peppers were doing pretty well, but now I’m finding rotting spots on them. I’m trying to catch the rotting early so I can still have a decent harvest.

  5. says

    Your plants look wonderful! Our garden is completely done at this point, complete with dry as a bone shoulder high weeds and all. It’s a sight. Apparently, one shouldn’t even attempt it in the midst of a summer fully loaded with travel plans. Oh well, the fall season will be here in just a month or so! Have a wonderful night!

  6. says

    My basil is finally recovering and we didn’t plant peppers this year. Boo. Your basil looks like it is multiplying well!