Greek Salad Pitas with Olive-Garlic Tapenade

Greek Salad Pitas with Olive Garlic Tapenade

Okay, this is genius really.  Take a wonderful Greek salad, and instead of mixing in the Kalamata olives, whirl them up into a puree and stuff it in a pita with some spinach leaves.  So good!!  Instead of having a salad and a sandwich, have it all together.  I imagine this would be good also with some leftover roast chicken added to the salad. 

Since I do so much of Cooking now with my iPad, I spend more time perusing the internet to find just what I am in the mood for.  I found this at Fine Cooking – Greek Salad Pitas with Olive-Garlic Tapenade.  Go make this.  You will not be sorry!


This will be my entry for Souper Sundays (Soup, Salad, or Sammie) hosted by Deb at Kahakai Kitchen.  Or I hope it will be.  I can never remember to let Deb know!

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  1. says

    Such a great idea for a sandwich–I love the flavor of olives more than big pieces of them in my salad so this is perfect.

    Thanks for sharing it with Souper Sundays this week. ;-)