Penne with Crisp Prosciutto, Zucchini, and Corn

Penne with Crisp Prosciutto, Zucchini, and Corn

I don’t have a vegetable garden, so I have no idea how people’s vegetables are doing in this heat.  I have a few pepper plants in pots that are drudgingly simple for me to keep watered.  So, I don’t know if you have a plethora of zucchini or if the zucchini have shriveled up like out blueberries (which by the way, looked like we were going to have a banner year, but thanks to 100+ temperatures for weeks, we know have bushes filled with blueberries that appear to be in a raisin look alike contest).  

So, I don’t know where you stand zucchini wise.  I haven’t seem the lamenting of the over abundance of them, which is a shame, because you need them.  You need them to make this recipe.  Because this recipe is fantastic.  Seriously.  The only thing difficult about this dish is spelling prosciutto and zucchini, which thanks to spell checker, I managed. 

Who would think a few simple ingredients, would make something so delightful!  I found Penne with Crisp Prosciutto, Zucchini, and Corn in the latest Fine Cooking Magazine’s specialty publication:  Fine Cooking Cook Fresh, but you can also find it online at Penne with Crisp Prosciutto, Zucchini, and Corn.

Seriously, make this, and then come back and tell me how good it was!


This will be my entry for this week’s Presto Pasta Nights hosted by Riddhima of Culinary Vibes.

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    More importantly we need them so we can complain ad nauseeum about how frustrated we are to have so many of them! :) loo over the sound of this pasta. Especially since sweet corn is something I have in spades.

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    I look forward to the recipe. Looks like it will be a keeper. I’ve got prosciutto in the fridge and zucchini in the garden (probably the easiest vegetable to grow that protects itself with its large leaves and gives many zucchinis from one plant alone, although you must plant 3 together ~hence, the abundance of zucchinis).

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    “…The only thing difficult about this dish is spelling prosciutto and zucchini” Lol. Spell check is the best 21st century invention.

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    I never complain about too many zucchini. There’s cooked zucchini, zucchini sticks with dressing, zucchini bread, zuccini cookies, and now this. What better reason to desire the abundance?

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    Thanks for the inspiration Pam. Lots of zucchini at the Farmer’s Market in Newport this weekend and blueberries too. Am I rubbing it in too much?

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    I have a few plants in big pots now and they are all suffering a bit with the extreme heat. I feel bad for them and you have to be super vigilant about watering or they are goners.

    The pasta looks super yummy though… and in hot weather , i love fast delicious dinners like this.

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    We have lots of zucchini here! It’s been hot but it seems to be thriving!

    I just made a corn and pasta recipe tonight. Love the addition of zucchini, great color. It’s going on the menu for next week.

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    my mom’s veggies aren’t doing so well even though she’s been a diligent waterer. the rain we’ve had the past couple of days should help, but she says some stuff is beyond saving. sadness.
    the zucchini survives, though, as always and in great number. terrific use for it!

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    It has been so hot that even my basil died! Bah.

    This penne looks wonderful, how could it not be with prosciutto in there?