Garden Tuesday ~ Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to Mr. Sidewalk Shoes

Sedum Autumn Joy



Just a few snippets from my garden this week:  Sedum Autumn Joy, Phlox, and bright green new baby holly leaves.

I’d also like to wish a happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to Mr. Sidewalk Shoes!!!  We are BFF’s.  (and for those of you that don’t teach middle school or have access to 14 year old lingo – that is Best Friends Forever).

Please join me for Garden Tuesday.

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  1. says

    Happy Anniversary to you and the Mr.! 25 years – fantastic! To me married to your best friend is a wonderful thing.

    You two have a terrific day!

    xo C

  2. says

    Happy Anniversary! 25 years is impressive. Re: the BFF, you’ll get a kick out of this… yesterday, I helped in Haley’s 1st grade class and the teacher was asking students for examples of words starting with “A” – one girl suggested “app” (as in application.) Not alligator, or apple, or ant. No. APP. The teacher and I looked at each other and laughed.

  3. says

    Well, a Happy Anniversary to Mr and Mrs Sidewalk Shoes. Congratulations on 25 years together.

    I see that your sedum is just starting to show a little color. Mine is too and the bees are starting to crawl on it. Time ofr our fall bloomers.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  4. says

    Yea! Happy Anniversary!!! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to have known someone for so long and to know that it’s even better than in the beginning?
    Your photos are just beautiful, Pam.

  5. says

    Happy Anniversary to you Pam and to Mr. Pam! Love the photos of your garden; isn’t it delightful to find such diverse beauty in the gardens throughout the seasons?