Thyme Scented Salmon with Tuscan White Bean Salad

Thyme scented salmon with Tuscan White Bean Salad

This, my friends, was wonderful.  I have seen dishes of salmon on top of lentils, that always seemed intriguing to me.  Since, lentils and I are barely on speaking terms, I couldn’t bring myself to try them.  Even though they seemed so European Rustic Cool.  So, when I saw Thyme-Scented Salmon with Tuscan White Bean Salad, from Cooking Light, I was excited, this I could do. What better way to use my gorgeous cannellini beans from Rancho Gordo.

Thyme-scented Salmon with Tuscan White Bean Salad

The bean salad was so good, with a lovely subtle flavor.  We liked it so much, we scoffed at Cooking Light’s 1/2 cup serving suggestion and divided the whole salad between the two of us.  It was just right.  Perhaps if I had served another side dish, I could have stretched the bean salad to serve 4. 

Broiled Salmon

The other change I made was to broil the salmon instead of baking it.  I like the crispy broiled top.  5 minutes under the broiler and you’re good to go.  Since did broil it, I sprinkled the thyme on after I removed the salmon from the oven.  I do realize that baking it with the thyme would have infused the thyme more into the salmon, but whatever! 

Follow the link above.  Make this.  Enjoy your Rustic European Coolness.




This will be my entry for Foodie Friday at Designs by Gollum!

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  1. says

    I love cooking light a lot…but sometimes I think their serving sizes are ridiculous!! This does sound like a super tasty meal though!

  2. says

    I like the plate you used in this photo. I will also be pinning this recipe in hopes that I will actually try it some time. I’m an empty nester now…time to stretch myself and try more recipes.

  3. says

    I make a grilled salmon with white bean salad – don’t remember where I found the recipe, but we love it, too. Yours looks wonderful!

  4. says

    i love thyme so much, i even bought a little thyme plant at the store the other day. good news–it’s not dead yet!
    nice bed o’ beans here. :)