Weekend Wine Reviews #121 Con Class Rueda

Con Class Rueda

Con Class Vendimia Exeptional, Rueda, 2009, $13.99, Total Wine and More.  We say:  thin, bit of citrus, nothing special.  Buy again:  no.  We aren’t sure why we bought this.  $13.99 is more than we usually pay for wine (we aren’t proud of this, but it’s a fact).  It doesn’t have a pretty label, so that means it had some high recommendation or something.  Apparently we are not high recommendation people.  Apparently we have more $5-$7 tastes, and that is okay with us.

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  1. says

    Hi Pam, I dont know this brand too. Con Class….mmmm never saw never tasted, but let me tell you RUEDA wines are delicious.
    I thing the point is you bought 2009 white wine and , never buy one white wine so old. I mean, on 2012 you have to drink the 2011 vintage never older. (well if the wine has been developed in barrels is ok, but usually there are only few brands in Spain can make one barrel white wine)
    Here in Spain we can buy RUEDA delicious wine only for 5-6 euros :)) if you want I can recomend you some brands, and you can see if you can find in your area.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. says

    Ha! The label reeks of upper class simplicity, but, thankfully, you have done the required tasting for the rest of us.
    So many great ones out there. We will pass this one up. Thanks!