A Design Your Own Frittata



Frittatas.  They make me feel both simultaneously fancy and peasanty.  Yes, peasanty is a word, even though spell checker is trying to tell me it isn’t.  I will ignore spell checker the same way I ignored some very well-meaning perm advice in the 80’s. 

They feel fancy because when served with a vinaigrette tossed salad and a glass of white wine, I feel like I should be sitting in an outdoor French café.  They feel peasanty, because they are so homey and basic, and served with a big chunk of bread, I feel like I should be hunkered down at an old table, having a quick meal before I head back to the fields.

What?  Certainly you dream up food scenarios while your eating.

They also make me feel like a chef.  They are one of the few recipes that I feel good about winging it.  I make them with whatever I have on hand.  My basic formula is some veggies (almost always includes some onions), some cheese (feta and goat cheese are favorites), some herbs, and some eggs. 

Red bell peppers and onions

This started with some red bell peppers and onions, sautéed until crisp tender.  Added a little goat milk cheese, some chives from the garden, 6 eggs, and some salt and pepper.  Cook until the eggs are mostly set.  Then run under the broiler to get that nice brown top.  Decide if you want to serve it fancy or peasanty.



This will be my entry for Foodie Friday at Designs by Gollum!

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  1. says

    Is there something wrong with being “fancy peasantly,” wherein you eat that lovely frittata with both the bread and the salad and wine? Wouldn’t that be a heavenly meal!

  2. says

    I just love frittatas prepared in the morning and then love what’s left-over for a great lunch! So many great ingredients can be used for endless possibilities!

    PS: I had one of those darn perms in the 80s too!