Guest Blogging ~ An Intro to Rosemary

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This is Rosemary.  Rosemary is very smart.  Why is she so smart?  Rosemary is so smart, because she knew I needed a guest blogger, and I didn’t!  Yep.  Rosemary and I are the new thing, the new trend …  you know … “blogging friends” – all the cool people have them.  So, in the midst of our email discussions, Rosemary offered to be a guest blogger!  She noticed that my tagline says knitting and I never knit.  Oh, I knit.  I just never finish anything. 

So, guess what?!!  Rosemary is going to do a sort of knit-along!  Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in.  She will be posting instructions and inspiration every week.  And at the end of it, you will have a fabulous Christmas stocking!!  

Christmas Stocking!

Isn’t it adorable?!  So, without further ado, I bring you Rosemary:

Hi!  I’m Rosemary and I’m a fan of Sidewalk Shoes.  I’d call myself an intermediate knitter and I’m lucky to have a very small circle of knitters at my workplace.  We enjoy working on projects together, exchanging ideas and tips and helping each other figure out how to navigate knitting patterns.  I’d like to expand the group and thought that it may be possible to do that through blogging.  I asked Pam if she would be open to considering a “guest contributor” and she said yes!  So, here I am!

For the last 10 years, I’ve made my home in central Massachusetts.  My husband and I bought a house built in 1847, then a wedding gift from a mill owner to his daughter.  Sadly, she died four years later.  We think of Ann Eliza from time to time and make an effort to keep up the house to her liking. 

I work as social worker at a community health center and just love it.  Like Pam, I enjoy reading, cooking and gardening and I’ve copied her idea and included a picture of myself taken while looking in the mirror! 

Genealogy is another passion of mine.

My friend, Amy, has a Christmas stocking knitted decades ago by her grandmother.  The pattern was featured in a magazine for women 1945!  Amy, Alicia and I have worked through two stockings each and are now comfortable with the pattern.  I’m including the one I made last year for a new addition to our extended family, Julie. 

There is time to make this stocking for someone for Christmas. I want to invite you to do the project together and I’ll make another along with you for new baby, Allana.  I’ll happily answer any questions as we go along.  Keep watching Sidewalk Shoes…next week I’ll include the pattern, a picture of Amy’s original stocking and let you know all we’ll need to get started. 

So very nice to meet all of you!

Doesn’t this sound like fun!!

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  1. says

    Welcome Rosemary! I don’t sew or knit…my mother actually to finish my pillow case in the 7th grade, so I would pass Home Ec. So I will admire from afar!

  2. says

    Sounds like great fun! Will you please give us a heads up about the weight of the yarn used for this project?

    I am a beginner wanting to graduate to an intermediate knitter. Made a pair of socks, took me many, MANY years to finish them, but I did! Excited about learning about changing colors to make the designs.

  3. says

    Cute idea, Pam. And nice to meet Rosemary. I haven’t done any knitting since boarding school and argyle socks. :) And you know I’m busy packing, but will watch with great interest.

  4. says

    Hi, Rosemary! I’m a non-knitter, sad to say. That stocking is cute, but they won’t be able to happen here. I’ll be looking forward to jealously watching everyone’s progress…including yours, Pam!


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