The Bloody Mary Club by Debbie Dyke

The Bloody Mary Club by Debbie Dyke

There are mysteries that you curl up with on a dark and stormy night and then there are mysteries that you take with you to the beach, or you read while sitting on your back porch sipping an iced tea or maybe a bloody mary.  I’m sure from my not so clever reference to Bloody Mary’s that you can tell that The Bloody Mary Club is more of the latter kind of book, though there would not be anything wrong with curling up with it on a dark and stormy night. 

But if you don’t like scary mysteries, you are more of a rollicking good time mystery person then the Bloody Mary Club is your book.  It’s filled with witty dialogue and a solid mystery.  The dialogue reminded me of a sitcom on television – where someone always has a one liner – I don’t necessarily think that is how most dialogues actually occur in real life, but for a lighthearted comedy/mystery it works.    

The description on the back of The Bloody Mary Club says, “A Fiscal Thriller Set in Historic Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.”  And it is – a “Fiscal Thriller”  I think if you were in the banking business or the stock market or some sort of investment type person, you would probably love this book. However, most of the financial lingo was lost on me.  I didn’t understand most of what was going whenever the characters got together to talk shop.  

But even though I didn’t understand most of the fiscal talk, I still enjoyed the mystery. And like I said, if you know what options, majority owners, lucrative buyouts, and bullish advice is, you will love this book!

The author’s website:  Debbie Dyke

***Disclaimer – I received a copy of this book to review. 

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