And When She Was Good by Laura Lippman

And when she was good by Laura Lippman

I hate to say it about one of my favorite authors, but I was not at all wowed by And When She Was Good: A Novel .  It is the story of Heloise (or Helen), a single mom with a teenage son.  Heloise is not just any single mom, she is also a fairly high class madame.  How Heloise became a madame is told through snippets of her past.  The story dragged for me, plodding along at a steady pace with no real drama until the end.  It wasn’t bad.  The story line was solid.  The characters a bit too predictable.  An average read.

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    Worth a try with a fave author. Had the same thing happen with another books last week.

    Noticed my daughter (a more avid and eclectic reader than I, if possible) had “Grace” on her counter. Almost downloaded it and then read a couple reviews. She actually admits to not reading anything without pictures. !!! Now I don’t know what to do as I imagine she dishes dirt pretty well on the fashion industry.
    (Daughter has the book on loan)

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    It’s hard to explain how empty you feel when one of your favorite authors lets you down. I guess they all have their fair share of books that don’t really wow all of their fans.