Christmas Stocking Knit-Along Step 3

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For all of you knitting along, here is your latest installment from Rosemary.  AND, in case you were wondering if I was knitting along, the answer would be a very loud, “NO!”  Though I do hope to be good enough some time next year to attempt this.  But to give you an idea of my knitting skills, I decided to knit some leg warmers.  Easy enough, they are just a tube, right?  So, you knit them on double pointed needles.  Easy enough, except the instructions said 5 needles!  5 needles!  I tried for almost two hours to get started with them…drank my gin and tonic in under 10 minutes!  Went into school and told our resident knitting guru that I give up.  She pulled up the instructions.  It’s size 5 mm needles, not 5 needles. 

From Rosemary:

Christmas stocking Lesson 3

Hello, again!  Today we are going to continue with the body of the stocking.  Take a look at the picture with the three panels: THE CHILDREN, THE SANTAS and THE TREES.  This is all knit in a stockinette stitch block before tackling the heel.  We’ll save that adventure for next week!

When knitting these panels you will be following the instructions on the pattern.  I’m not going to repeat those, but I am going to give you some suggestions, now that I’ve gotten this far in my third stocking. 

Trusting that you were able to nicely carry the two colors across the back when doing the name, we are going to continue to do that — SOMETIMES.  I did a little experimenting while working ahead on Alanna’s stocking.  When doing the panels, as a rule of thumb, I’d say carry the color across the back UNLESS the background color is white.  It’s okay to carry the white across a colored background.  We want to avoid seeing the color being carried from the front.

THE CHILDREN: Best Part: You can easily carry all of the colors across because they are all dark and do not show through.  Worst Part: You are now working with 3 colors at a time instead of 2 which ups the challenge some.  You’ll probably experience a little more tangling, but still try to weave the color you are “carrying” into the color you are working with every couple of stitches.  Remember, this is a treasure that someone may have for a lifetime!

THE SANTAS: Best Part: There are only 2 Santas!  Worst Part: There are only 2 Santas!  I’ll confess to you that the Santas are the part of the stocking I like knitting the least.  Because of their girths you are carrying the opposite color for a long time.  Look at the stretch of red and white from Santa’s pack to his hands…you’re carrying the green background yarn all that way.  When doing the Santas, I would recommend using TWO balls of red, one for each Santa so that you are not carrying that red across all that green.  Just take a small amount of red yarn from your skein and make it into a second ball. 

THE TREES:  Best Part:  Look at the chart for the pattern; it’s easy and symmetrical.  Worst Part:  Again, I’m going to suggest that you use THREE balls of green for your trees.  Otherwise (and I tried this on Alanna’s and took it out) you are carrying the green behind the white and it tends to show through.  Also, the chart looks easy, don’t get distracted.  You’ll notice my middle tree is not exactly right!

I am hoping you find this project enjoyable.  Please post any questions, comments or concerns (or advice!) in the comments section.  I’ll be watching to see if I can respond in any helpful way.

Enjoy the week!  Rosemary

If you are just joining:

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  1. says

    That’s WAY over my head… I have never knitted ANYTHING –nor have wanted to. I have so many talented friends –but I’d rather be outside raking leaves…. ha ha

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. says

    Your stocking looks fantastic! I carried white in back of dark green and there are spots where the white shows through. I’m hoping when I block that I can hide it better.
    Can’t wait for next weeks lesson!

  3. says

    LOL I”m chuckling at your five needles. I would be a disaster at this. I used to crochet but I never mastered knitting. I’m afraid Santa will have to fill the ones I got at Marshall’s.


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