Weekend Cat Blogging #387 and Saturday Pet Blog Hop

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This post is dedicated to Coco. On Tuesday, I left for work like normal with her outside. When I returned home after school, she wasn’t hanging around like she usually is. We have looked all over for her, but haven’t seen her since. I keep constantly checking the front and back porches and yard. People on Facebook have been leaving me comments about their cats going away for days and then showing back up, so I haven’t given up hope. Please send positive “Coco go home” vibes my way.



This will be my entry for Weekend Cat Blogging hosted by Mind of Mog.


This will be my entry for The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop! 

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  1. Jane Carrick says

    I’m sending “Coco come home” vibes as hard as I possibly can. You know, its absolutely true about kitties vanishing for ages and then re-appearing – its as though they have some secret mission we can never know about – one of ours disappeared and then resurfaced looking most put out at all the fuss! Love and good luck, Jane x

  2. Anonymous says

    I hope your Coco is home soon! Sending lots of “come home” vibes. Growing up we had several cats who would go away for several days, even weeks every now and then. They always came home, just as your Coco will soon be home too.

  3. says

    Sending good wishes your way that she’ll be home soon. She’s likely off on some great adventure and will be home with a bunch of stories to tell. Keep the faith!

  4. says

    oh NO! Hoping Coco comes home TODAY.

    Have you gone around your neighborhood to ask if she’s been invited inside someone’s home?
    A neighbor had a cat disappear for a week because she’d somehow gotten into another neighbor’s home just as they left for vacation.
    The person who came to feed their pets didn’t know any better, and just fed the cat along with the others.
    Until they came back and said, “that’s not our cat!” and let it back outside to return home.

    Purrs for you….

  5. says

    We had a kitty go missing for two weeks, found her in the grass in the back yard. Hadn’t mowed it in a while so it was hard to find her. She hasn’t gone missing since. Hoping you find Coco soon. Purrs.

  6. says

    Oh, Coco is having her BIG ADVENTURE. But, Coco, it’s time to go home. Your wild days are done girl, your mommy’s calling.
    Saying our prayers for her to arrive home soon, Pam.

  7. says

    Oh, No! My favorite kitty in the whole wide world (except mine, of course) is missing. Please come home safe Coco. Keep us informed. I am so sorry, Pam, I know how that feels.

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