Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Wine Reviews #133 Vicious Red

Vicious Red

2009, California.  $9.99, total wine.  We say:  creamy sweet, flavorful up front, fades quickly.  Buy again: no.  We have found other wines that we like at less that $9.99.  And yes, I know, real wine people are shaking their heads at my $9.99 as a higher price point, but sorry, I’m cheap when it comes to wines.


shabby girl said...

I love this label though!
Not only are we cheap when buying wine, we go to Safeway to get the "buy six boxes and get 10% off" as well as the store reward savings. LOL!!!!

Joanne said...

For a wine with the word vicious in the title, it sounds like it was really NOT!!