Christmas Stocking Knit-Along Step 5

Our next installment from my esteemed guest blogger, Rosemary!  And, I am really loving the guest blogger thing.  Since I do post every single day, some times I run out of things to talk about.  If you would like to possibly do a guest blogging post, contact me at with your ideas! 

Also, knitters, if you’d like to see Rosemary do another knit along, let us know some suggestions. 

Christmas Stocking Lesson 5

Christmas Stocking knit along step 5


We’re almost done!  Let’s get that foot completed.  I believe that the directions are pretty clear on this.  I’m including a picture of getting started…what it should look like with your work divided onto the four needles.  Just keep knitting, changes colors as directed.  Also included is another photograph of my foot all done.  Hopefully yours looks similar…maybe even better! 

Christmas stocking knit along foot completed

While the stocking is still open (not yet sewn up the back) take your needle and yarn and add the eyes and smiles to the children and the Santas.  That’s my other picture. 


Christmas Stocking  Knit Along Step 5

Also while the stocking is open, go ahead and do the next task, which is tying in all the loose ends on the back of your work.  Get a large darning needle and just weave them in.  Take caution not to let anything show through.  You want your wrong side to look pretty nice, too.  Remember, this is the inside of the stocking,  you don’t want candy canes catching on itinerant threads!  This is kind of a monotonous chore, and I just did it this afternoon, so I’ll tell you that it will take a couple of hours.  The GREAT part about this is that it doesn’t take too much concentration, so I’d recommend that you get comfortable and enjoy the time and watch a good movie.  I chose “Not for Ourselves Alone”.  This is the Ken Burns film about Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  I watch it just about every year and never tire of it.  Should you be undecided about what to watch, try this, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

See you next week to wrap up our project!  Rosemary


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    That is just so interesting —and the stocking is gorgeous. I have a good friend (whom I haven’t seen in a long time) who knits pretty things like that stocking… Amazing to someone like me who doesn’t knit AT ALL.