Christmas Stocking Knit-Along Step 6 The Finale!


All right it is time for a final installment of our Christmas stocking knit-along.  I don’t know if any of you actually knitted along, because there is a good possibility that you are like me…in order to have a stocking ready for Christmas, you would probably have to start it..oh, somewhere around June or maybe even earlier!  That is why at the bottom of the post, I have links to all of the tutorials in order.  You can make this starting anytime!  Without further ado, I bring you are final Christmas stocking post from the lovely guest blogger, Rosemary.  Who, by the way, might be guest blogging for me some more next year, reviewing a few knitting books and some other knit-along projects. 

Christmas Stocking Lesson 6

Label for Christmas stocking

Our last lesson for the Christmas stocking!  Okay…stitch up the back, using a darning needle and yarn.  I changed the yarn each time the color changed in the stocking so that it would match nicely.  You’ll see in the next photo that I added a little “handmade” label to the inside.  This is a nice touch.  You can easily have them made for you with a company online for not too much money. 

It’s finished!  Here you’ll see Alanna’s stocking on the front and the back.  She lives in Wisconsin and I’ll send it off to her this week. 

Christmas Stocking Front

Christmas Stocking

Thank you so much for joining me all these weeks for this project.  And, thank you, Pam, for allowing me to be your first “guest blogger”. 

Happy Holidays to everyone!  Rosemary

Intro to the Christmas Stocking Knit-Along

Step One for the Christmas Stocking Knit-Along

Step Two for the Christmas Stocking Knit-Along

Step Three for the Christmas Stocking Knit-Along

Step Four for the Christmas Stocking Knit-Along

Christmas Stocking Knit-Along Step 5

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    Your stocking is adorable, Rosemary. I finished mine too…except for the lining. I’m going to try it. Brycie is only a year old, so he can be pretty rough with things, lol.