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Some of you have asked me if I had chosen a word of the year yet.  The answer is yes.  Yes, I have.  Yes I did.  Yes, it’s Yes. 

I know that choosing yes, might seem a little funny, since there are lots of articles out there teaching us how to “learn to say no.”  Well, I want to say yes more often.  Yes to things I might not normally say yes to.  Yes to things I may feel guilty about doing. 

I am currently listening to Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain, and it has been a revelation.  Now, I understand “me” so much better.  The idea that I need downtime.  I need quiet time.  Alone time.  It fuels me.  Whereas extroverts are fueled by being around people, socializing – socializing sucks the energy right out of me.  So, while listening to this book, I chose the word Yes.

oui necklace 

With all my new “me” knowledge – I want to say yes to more things.  Yes to more socializing, but at the same time, yes to spending quiet evenings at home curled up with a good book.  Yes to getting out of my comfort zone every once in a while and yes to planting my feet firmly in my comfort zone whenever I need it. 

And yes to cute jewelry to remind me to say yes more often!

I found the top “Yes” necklace at Word Baubles on Etsy.

Word Baubles packaging

I am a sucker for cute, simple packaging.  Totally loved this!

I couldn’t resist the gorgeous “oui” necklace from Poetic Designs on Etsy either!  Isn’t it so lovely?  It arrived in a cute little pouch, that I sadly forgot to take a photo of. 

I really love both of these necklaces and will probably say “yes” to buying a couple more from these vendors!

If you want to learn more about choosing your word for 2013, and see what others have chosen, stop by One Word 365.


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  1. says

    Interestingly, I’m reading Martha Beck’s new book ‘Finding Your Way in a Wild New World’. Her first section is about “wordlessness”. You’re right, we talk entirely too much, complicating life so. Rosemary

  2. says

    Interestingly, I’m reading Martha Beck’s new book ‘Finding Your Way in a Wild New World’. The first section is on wordlessness. Yes, we talk entirely too much, complicating life so. Rosemary

  3. says

    YES is such a great word for 2013! I am pretty introverted as well (shocking) and am really trying to work on saying it more also!

  4. says

    I find myself saying YES far too often and have to learn to say no. Pull back the reins and come to terms with the fact that I’m not Super Woman. I know, I was shocked too when I got the notice. Dammit!

    Still, having said that, I love your word. And I love the necklace!

  5. says

    yes, a good choice. i need to show my husband this…

    wonderful necklace and such a pretty setting.

    the book looks good, for someone that thrives on quiet i oh so get it~

  6. says

    Nice post. Nice word, nice pictures, nice necklaces, nice shout-out for the Etsy people.

    re Quiet. Isn’t it awesome? I just loved it, and while I knew I was an introvert, like you, knowing how to better recharge, and not to feel ‘lazy’ when I want to just veg out when I get home from socializing, was enlightening. My only complaint about the book was there was no info for Introvert parents who have extrovert kids. She had the reverse info, but I think we have on extrovert in our nearly all introverted house. She is so unique in our house.