Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Wine Reviews #141 Sexy Wine Bomb

Sexy Wine Bomb

My husband gets frustrated with me because I buy wine based on the label.  Seriously, that is my only requirement, that it have a cute or quirky label.  Even he had to admit that it paid off big time with this!

Sexy wine bomb, 2009, total wine, $9.99. They say: if this super sexy blend were a mid-90s girl group, it's stars would probably be named Fruity, Spicy, Sassy, Jammy and We say: yes, yes, yes. Buy again: yes!!


Joanne said...

LOVE that label. And that it's taste lives up to it!

Julie said...

I always buy wines based on the label and it's such a bonus when it's a good wine.

shabby girl said...

Lol, of course he liked that one. Jk. I think wine bottle labels are little works of art!

a good yarn said...

Of course you choose by the label! Walking around with the rating book is just too nerdy.

Les said...

There's another way to buy wine?? ;)

Where'd you get this one? Sounds like something I'd enjoy.

Maria said...

Hi Pam, thanks for the shout out. If we can make the husband happy, we know we done good.

Les, we are primarily available at Total Wines & More stores across the country, or direct at our website. Cheers!

- Maria, SWB