Zen and the Art of Baking Bread

Bread rising in stoneware pan

One of the benefits of being a teacher is the two week break over Christmas.  It is such a wonderful time to refuel.  I had lots of things to do with my business, Pamela Greer Photography, but I also wanted to get back in touch with some of my cooking loves. 

I have not baked bread in probably at least a year.  Luckily since I store my yeast in the freezer, it was still good.  I have a go-to  recipe that I use, Pain De Maison Sur Poolish to make the dough in my bread machine.  Rather than keeping a sourdough starter going, which I am bad about feeding, this recipes allows me to create a sort of mini ferment the night before.  Not as zingy as a sourdough, but still adds a little something extra.

It was so nice.  Feeling the aliveness of the dough in your hands, gently placing it in the pan to rise, the smell of the bread as it baked, the crackling crust talking to me as it cooled.

Pure Zen.

I would show you the finished bread, but I only took a photo for Instagram.

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  1. says

    Pure Zen, indeed. I loved the smell of fresh baked bread, and even more loved eating it hot with butter! I have not made bread in forever! I should give it a try, since you inspired me!

  2. says

    I keep meaning to try a bread with a quick starter like this. One of these days, I might even do so! But I’ve been slacking in the bread making department for the last year or so…I think we go in cycles on things, or at least I seem to.

  3. says

    cool loaf pan! very few things are as terrific as the smell of bread baking paired with that still-warm, slightly crusty, slightly soft first piece.