Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tree Climbing or How Coco Spends a Saturday

calico cat in tree

A little birdy on one of the higher branches is taunting her.

calico cat in tree

*whistle, whistle, whistle*  I’m not coming for you birdy.  I’m just walking along this branch.

Cat in tree

cat in tree

cat in tree

cat in tree

Come back little birdy, I just want to show you something.

cat in tree

Drat!  Well, I will munch on this tree to console myself.

This will be my entry for The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop! 


Kyle said...

I love Coco!

Beth @ Whiskey Tango Hello said...

Ha ha ha...munch on this tree... Lol. Too cute!

Catherine said...

LOL! You be careful up there sweet Coco! Cats are always so non-chalaunt aren't they?
xo Catherine

shabby girl said...

Such a pretty kitty! She has a very expressive face, doesn't she?

Judi said...

Jules and Vincent are so jealous!

Chris said...

Silly bird.

Big Dude said...

Great shots Pam - I occasionally catch Kitty in a tree on the hunt.

Mary said...

What an adventurer!. She looks like she is having great fun. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...MAry

Esme said...

Coco you sure love climbing the tree. You are a sweet girl.

Reeni Pisano said...

Coco is a brave girl! And a beauty where ever she is.

Jeff @ Cheeseburger said...

Coco looks so cute and a bit ferocious in the last photo.