Growing Green Onions

Green onions on a window sill

First of all, let me begin this post with an apology.  I saw the idea for keeping green onions alive on your windowsill from someone’s blog and I don’t remember who.  If it’s you, please leave a comment! 

green onions on a window sill

The idea is that if you trim off the green part of the onions and use them in your recipe and then place the white part with the roots in a little glass of water, the stalks will grow back.  They do! I had used these green onions and when I placed them in the glass, they were about the height of the juice glass, within a day they started growing and within a week or two, they were ready to use again!!  It’s like perpetual green onions. 

Does anyone know if I put them in a little pot of dirt, will they do the same thing?  I’m also thinking about planting some in my herb bed and treating them like I do my chives, just cutting them down when I need to use them. 

Again, thanks to whomever I borrowed this idea from!

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    This was all over Pinterest a while ago — maybe that’s where you saw it? I have done them in water, too, but found they were a bit too strong smelling while the cut ends grew, so I limited my doing it to summer when I could keep them on my screened porch. If you try re-planting them in dirt, I’d love to hear about it!

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    Pam – I’ve been growing onions for 50 years and never heard of this – what a super idea and thanks for trying it for us.

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    Well waddya know! Don’t worms grow their heads back. Or lizards? It’s like that. But not at all. Very cool, nonetheless. I started plating herbs outside this weekend. It was glorious!

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    I remember that from last year or 2010 and I thought I got it from you. Or it might have been Kim from Stirring The Pot.