Mrs. Kennedy and Me by Clint Hill

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Mrs. Kennedy and Me

I have to begin by noting that I listened to Mrs. Kennedy and Me as an audiobook.  I listen to non-fiction and read fiction (can’t keep too many plots straight).  And even thought the audiobook was great, I don’t know that I recommend listening to it, because after reading some of the book reviews, I wish that I had photos that accompanied the book.  That being said, the audiobook was so good, I do plan on buying the book so that I can see the photos. 

Like most people, I do not know first hand what it is like to be a secret service agent or the first lady of the United States.  After this book, I have a much better idea.  It was completely fascinating.  The relationship between Clint Hill and Mrs. Kennedy, while staying very professional, was much more.  

I had no idea how much a secret service agent had to give up of their life to do their job.  Clint Hill spent Christmas, Thanksgiving, summers, weekends, weeks on end in other countries, with Mrs. Kennedy and the Kennedy’s.  When he was not actually with her, he was arranging security for upcoming events.  When I read about how carefully, how seriously he took his job, his frugalness (they had to find cheap hotel rooms with their daily stipend), I can’t help but compare it with the current scandal of the secret service agents with prostitutes in Columbia.  

In addition to the ins and outs of being a secret service agent, the book shows what it is like to be the first lady of the United States.  I have a new found respect for the job that they do. It was sad reading as she slowly learned that her life as she knew it was over.  No more simple shopping trips, no more leisurely strolls window shopping. 

Then there is the whole Kennedy clan.  This book allows you a glimpse into their lives and lifestyle.  The homes, the boats, the holiday gatherings.  

This book has something for everyone;  a Kennedy biography, a Jacqueline Kennedy biography, and a memoir of a very special secret service agent.

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    Sounds like a fabulous book and I would love a glimpse into what it’s like to be an agent. I know a little about it from the Oliver Stone books by David Baldacci. I’m putting this on my list, in book form as you recommended.

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    i loved this book, it was incredible to get his insight into her life, from such humble beginnings i loved seeing it through his fresh eyes. well, mine too! i think he was wildly in love with her, how could he not be… i bought it on kindle on sale, each chapter has a such a touching photo, loved loved loved this books for so many reasons. i finally understood camelot too~

    if you listen to nonfiction, which i happen to always read with lightning speed, verses fiction, i think i can’t get over its true so i read faster and faster with my jaw sweeping the floor. anyway… i bought my very first audio book, you may want to grab it too, to the last breath, its a new book and for some odd reason i noticed the cd was 2 bucks! a book published in january, read by the author, for $2?! my husband was convinced it would be in chinese and we couldn’t understand it… i gave the book 5 stars, i found it riveting, but my husband began to get sick of the guy near the end… talk about different life paths! anyway, check it out, i see its all the way up to 3.22 today :-)

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    Sometimes it’s amazing to think of what happens behind the scenes, when we think we understand a public person’s life. What a sacrifice on the part of the agents!

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    I read this on my iPad and loved it. The pictures are amazing. It was an interesting look into not only the Secret Service Agent’s life but to also see how Jackie dealt with living in the White House.

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    Sounds like a book I would like, since I considered Jackie one of idols. About the geraniums, I could not believe it myself that they came back on their own. But sure am glad they did!

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