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    I love tulips we live between 2 big tulip festivals and a third one is a ways away but we could take the trip if we wanted to do so.but gasoline is edging towards 4.00 a gallon so we go to the ones near our home..They look lovely I always get some notecards that are water color prints and I love love lavender that festival is in the summertime, I scoop up lavender soaps and notecards made by the lady owner, she remembers me and gives me recipes to look at, I buy tons of the soap to last me and she always has handsoap that she gives to me, the place is a long ways from our home in a tiny place near the ocean up on a peninsula about 230 miles from our home, we make a day of the lavender festival cause it is cool there with heat scorching in our area this is in august, have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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