Saturday, May 11, 2013

Patchouli Photo bombing for Saturday Pet Blog Hop

black and white cat with purple wild flowers

Isn’t this a lovely photo of Patchouli?  The thing is, it wasn’t supposed to be a photo of Patchouli at all!  If you go back and look at my Wordless Wednesday post for this week, you’ll see that it’s a vase of flowers on a mirrored tray on this porch. 

cat in background of vase with flowers

cat behind vase of flowers

So, yes a lot of kitty cat photo bombing happened before I finally was able to get my vase of flowers photo! 

This will be my entry for The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop! 


Velva said...

The photos make you feel summer- very nice.


Bella Rum said...

So pretty - both Patchouli and your flowers.

Kyle said...

Hey Patchouli! Getting in on the action!!

Marjie said...

Really, I think it's fine when kitty cats photo bomb. Especially kitty cats as nice as Patchouli.

Beth @ Whiskey Tango Hello said...

Hilarious! Love this!

Team Tabby said...

Sweet photos of Patchouli!


a good yarn said...

It's the latest craze so Patchouli is definitely on trend.

Judi said...

Cats enhance every photo or so they think. I think they're right.

Catherine said...

A photo bombing kitty is always a joy. ;)
xo Catherine

Esme said...

What a great photo.