Spatchcocked Chicken


spatchcocked chicken

Besides sunny days, butterflies, and cherry popsicles…I look forward to summer most of all for spatchcocked chicken.  That first plump chicken, split up the back, flattened and marinated in a rosemary/garlic rub, and then grilled to perfection.  That is summer.  That is what I wait for.  Well guess what??  Here it is almost halfway through May and it’s cool.  Sometimes even cold.  I was lured into summer by a few warm days, and then bam, they left on a cool wind from the north. 

Not be daunted, I chose instead to roast my lovingly spatchcocked chicken in the oven (why, yes, I do try to say spatchcocked as many times as I can – I am surrounded by 14 year olds all day long – I am entitled to a little immaturity).  Spatchcocking the chicken makes it roast much more quickly because of the more even surface so this 5+ pound chicken cooked in only about 50 minutes. 

spatchcocked chicken

I’ve already posted the details about spatchcocked chicken here. That is a post from 2009!  It should be noted that I have been using the same rub/marinade for 4 years.  It’s that good.  And, if you don’t happen to get your act together enough to start the chicken marinating the day before, it doesn’t matter.  I’ve done it for as little as 4 hours, and it is quite yummy!  One bite of that salty, garlicky, rosemary, crispy skin is enough to make you cry tears of joy. 

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    “I look forward to summer most of all for spatchcocked chicken” – well, that’s not something you hear every day. Lol. Come to Sacramento…it’s 95 degrees. You can have all the chicken you want!

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    I make spatchcocked chicken in the oven often, and announce that it’s spatchcocked chicken. My dearly beloved told me “spatchcock” is a made up word, until I fetched Webster’s unabridged dictionary and showed it to him. Now my teenager carves the spatchcock and giggles.

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    OH now a recipe I muusst try. I hope it is ok that I have pinned this post and the orginal recipe post to pinterest. If not let me know and shall remove ASAP!!

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    time-tested! i can’t get over how much i enjoy the term ‘spatchcocked.’ i’m pretty sure you introduced it to me, so thanks. :)

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    Yes, back on your first post, I learned about the spatchcocked method of cooking a chicken, and I have done it many times since. Love it!!!

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    I still haven’t done this myself! Your chicken looks amazing. I just put spatchcocked chicken on my must-try summer foods list. Thanks, Pam!

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    My favorite indoors spatchcocked bird is to cook it skin side down for 5 minutes in a preheated cast iron skillet and then flip letting it finish skin side up.

    Yours looks and sounds wonderful for this crazy weather we’ve been having.