Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekend Wine Reviews #155 Once Upon a Vine Big Bad Red

Once Upon a Vine Big Bad Red Blend

Just for the record…this was another one of those wines that my husband rolled his eyes at when I placed it in the cart.  Really how could I resist…Once Upon a Vine…Big Bad Red…   AND once again I was right. 

Once Upon a Vine, The Big Bad Red Blend, Diageo Wines, 2010, $12, vine & barrel.
They say: velvety, rich and sumptuous on the palate. The ripe berry and chocolate flavors meld into an aroma so enticing you might eve say, what a big nose you have. We say: everything they say, totally yummy. Buy again: yes!

Happy Mother’s Day!!


Kitchen Ninja said...

HA HA!! I often buy wine based on the cute label or the name. My husband says, "They make this crap for people like you." I take that as a compliment. :-)

a good yarn said...

Too funny and too clever!

Les said...

I'm definitely looking for this at our local liquor stores this weekend!

Have you tried McManis Cabernet? It's one of my favorites.