Weekend Wine Reviews #155 Once Upon a Vine Big Bad Red

Once Upon a Vine Big Bad Red Blend

Just for the record…this was another one of those wines that my husband rolled his eyes at when I placed it in the cart.  Really how could I resist…Once Upon a Vine…Big Bad Red…   AND once again I was right. 

Once Upon a Vine, The Big Bad Red Blend, Diageo Wines, 2010, $12, vine & barrel.
They say: velvety, rich and sumptuous on the palate. The ripe berry and chocolate flavors meld into an aroma so enticing you might eve say, what a big nose you have. We say: everything they say, totally yummy. Buy again: yes!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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  1. says

    HA HA!! I often buy wine based on the cute label or the name. My husband says, “They make this crap for people like you.” I take that as a compliment. :-)