A Big Thank You to Reeni!


The above petunias have nothing whatsoever to do with Reeni from Cinnamon and Spice and Everything Nice they are how she makes me feel – all happy.  A few months ago, Renni had a contest giving away some sort of chocolate.  I won the contest (because I enter every contest involving chocolate).  And then, I kind of forgot about it.  But Reeni didn’t.  She contacted me later and asked if I had received the goodies.  When I replied that I hadn’t she contacted the company and was pretty unhappy when she heard it might take a month to get the goodies together.  Well a couple of months passed and she checked in with me again, and was VERY DISMAYED to learn that I still hadn’t received anything.

Okay.  Let’s stop here for a moment.  I’ve run contests, and I don’t think I’ve ever checked with anyone to see if they received their winnings.  So, if you’ve won from me, I hope you got it and I hope you enjoyed it, because I am obviously remiss in my blogger contest blogging!

Then she sent me stuff.  Chocolate stuff.  Lot’s of chocolate stuff.  And a gift card for money.  Quite a bit of money.  All out of the goodness of her heart! 

I am not kidding.

I thanked her profusely, told her she shouldn’t have, and then ate my weight in chocolate.

She replied that I would have done the same thing.  But, I have to wonder.  I don’t think I’m that nice or that good.  First of all, I wouldn’t have checked back with you in the first place, so I wouldn’t have even known you didn’t get your stuff.  And second of all…well there really isn’t a second of all.  I just don’t think I’m as nice as Reeni.

Reeni is the queen of niceness. 

Please go visit Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice and tell her Pam sent you. 

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  1. says

    I’ve had a few brands do that to me also, but I only found out when the winners contacted me, angry, asking why they never got their prize! Reeni really is SO sweet.

  2. says

    There’s nothing like some good chocolate stuff. Especially when it comes from someone so nice. Hooray for Reeni!

  3. says

    How thoughtful of Reeni. Some folks are just like that. Now what kind of chocolate? Where are the pictures of your chocolate covered fingers and discarded wrappers? Hmmm? Well?