Coco for Saturday Pet Blog Hop

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calico cat in garden

Coco wishes I had spent a little time in photoshop, getting rid of that whisker that’s in front of her eye.  She thinks that if it had been Patchouli, I would have done it.  Coco can be a little snippy sometimes.

Calico cat in garden

Judging by the ears, she is getting a little tired of me calling her name and telling her to look at the camera.

Calico cat scratching

What flea medicine do you use on your cats?  We have used Revolution on our cats with no problems.  Scrappycat didn’t even blink an eye when we applied it.  Smudge would try and lick it or scratch at it.  But Coco?  Coco goes nuts.  She flings herself out of our arms, scratching and hissing.  She hates it.  Therefore we hate it.  We don’t apply it nearly often enough because we dread it.  Any ideas?

This will be my entry for The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop! 

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    I use Capstar on our fur kids. It is a tablet that can be crushed up and put in food although Finnigan likes his au natural with peanut butter on it. The downside is you have to give it to them more often. It is pricey (Amazon’s best) but can be used in combination with other methods (flea collar, daily combing, etc)

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    We use Revolution because we need the heartworm coverage. Allie gave us a scare 2 years ago when the vet thought she had them! Prior to that, we didn’t know cats could get it! Not only can they but it can be much more dangerous in cats than in dogs. Revolution covers tick/flea *and* mosquito.

    And we hate flea collars – we rip them off of any cat that shows up at the shelter wearing one immediately! The risk of accidentally getting one that’s meant for a dog is too big. The active ingredient in many dog flea collars is permethrin – and it’s deadly to cats. Even a little exposure can cause permanent nerve damage.

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    Tell CoCo she looks beautiful and to stop obsessing. We use Advantage and have for years. Some of our kitties hate havng it applied, but it works great. Our vet told us about Revolution when the kids had their annual check-up and shots, but we have not tried it as we still have some Advantage. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

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    Coco looks lovely, as always. Jules and Vincent are 100% indoor cats. When Butch came to live with us, our vet recommended Capstar.

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    I love those eye whiskers! They giver her character. Our cats are all indoor cats – that’s why I love seeing your outside pictures! It can get boring taking shots of them inside.

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    I got my vet to give me a script for Revolution for big dogs (the purple box) I remove it from the packaging with a syringe and put it in little bottles. Then I measure out the dose of 0.3 mL with the syringe, grab a hungry cat before breakfast by the neck with one hand, and just reach down and squirt onto the back of the head. Repeat 3 more times for a total of 4 cats. Much cheaper than using cat packages. Let me know if you need vials – your vet can give you tuberculin syringes and needles long enough to pull out the liquid from the package. You could also do this with Advantage, although the dose may be a different size.

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    My kitty not only hates Advantage but gets a reaction to it at the site of application. I’ve started putting a food supplement (on her raw meat and dry kibble) which is a combination of brewers’ yeast and garlic flakes, got it at Gardens’ Alive, and it seems to be working. It makes their skin unappealing to fleas.

    Coco is beautiful as she is!

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