Garden Tuesday ~All sorts of stuff

Japanese painted fern

Japanese painted fern.  Really, really pretty!  If you don’t have one of these and you have a nice shady spot, get one!

Hot peppers are the only vegetable that I can grow.  I had these babies just a few days after bringing home the plants!

Goat's beard

I think this is called Goat’s beard.  I know it doesn’t look like much in this photo, but I really need to go snap another shot today, because it has grown insanely in the past couple of days.

St. John's Wort

Here is another photo of my St. John’s Wort.  It is covered in yellow flowers!  It’s underneath an oak tree, but it gets the morning sun from the other side.  It’s happy.  I’m happy.

Please join me for Garden Tuesday.

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