Skillet Baked Eggs with Spinach, Yogurt and Chili Oil


Skillet Baked Eggs with Spinach, Yogurt and Chili Oil

When I’m browsing through cookbooks or paging through the latest feeds from the blogs that I read, I always pause on baked eggs.  There is something so riveting about the thought of eggs nestled in some veggie goodness, ready for a nice chunk of bread to tear into that runny yolk, and slurp up a big bite. Everything you need in one tasty mouthful. 

So, when my CSA gave me a little bit of spinach and a little bit of kale, I knew that I needed to combine them, because a little bit of fresh spinach, unless used in a salad, is pretty much useless.  One of the first big shocks I had when learning to cook was watching a huge mound of spinach cook down to barely two servings! 

Using Eat Your Books to browse through my cookbooks, foodie blogs, and online magazines, I found Skillet Baked Eggs with Spinach, Yogurt and Chili Oil in Bon Appetit.

Skillet Baked Eggs with Spinach, Yogurt and Chili Oil

Unfortunately, this recipe only partially worked for me.  I’m not sure what entirely went wrong, but my eggs were still looking almost raw after cooking for 10 minutes at 300.  So I googled a bunch of baked eggs recipes and found everything from 350 for 15-18  minutes, 400 for 14-16 minutes, 425 for 15 minutes.  Obviously there is no consensus when it comes to baked eggs, but the one thing that I did not find was any recipe that called for just baking them for 10-15 minutes at a low temperature like 300.  So, I bumped up my heat and kept an eye on them. 

I think my second mistake was using my convection oven.  The eggs at the back of the oven ended up totally overcooked, while those at the front were just about perfect. 

The one thing that did work from this recipe was the yogurt.  At the beginning of your preparation you take a halved garlic clove and a pinch of salt and stir that into your yogurt.  It rests while you prep and cook the meal.  Then when you are ready to serve, you fish out the garlic clove.  This leaves you with a subtle garlicky yogurt  – a perfect condiment.

Alas, my first baked eggs will have to be written off as a learning experience.  How about you?  What is your go-to baked egg recipe?  I want to try again!

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    Garlic in yogurt? Good idea! Spinach and eggs have always been a favorite.

    I had difficulty determining the time on the baked eggs of my Shakshuka with Feta dish (375 degrees for 13 minutes, 3 minutes beyond the recommended maximum time). The yolks were perfect when I took out of oven, but they appeared to have continued cooking after sitting awhile. Maybe the key is taking them out at the 10-minute mark?

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    So true it is a bit of a crap shoot as far as baking time goes. I often do mine under the broiler. Regardless, it is a matter of seconds between a runny yolk and a hockey puck.

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    This is so true! There is no consistency to baked egg recipes. BUT, once you figure out what works for you, you’ll just sub that in for any recipe you find worthy of making. I do so love a runny egg…and with added spinach and yogurt I’m a goner.

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    This recipe looks a lot like a Yotam Ottolenghi recipe from Jerusalem. Baked eggs are very welcoming for sure.

    I think baked eggs are subject to so many things: temperature of the egg before going into the oven, whether or not the egg is going into a hot mixture or a room temp mixture, how you like you eggs, etc. Eggs are just one of those things that are hard to cook.

    These look delicious though.

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    such a wild combo, yogurt and eggs kind of scares me! but your pic is great :-) i am english and grew up with coddled eggs, my grandmother always had a touch of cream, chives and cheese. i need to dig out those holders and bake my eggs again, i am such a poach freak i rarely step out of the box. unless it has lavender ;-)

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    i love baked eggs and have mastered the technique using my oven; it did take a while. the yogurt is interesting!

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    I have to get back to using eat your books, I’m paying for it! This looks good, I could eat it for dinner.