Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekend Wine #161 J.W. Morris Reisling

J.W. Morris Riesling

J.W. Morris Riesling, 2010 California, $4.99, Trader Joes.  They say:  fruity and aromatic wine, which may have aromas of green or other apples, grapefruit, peach and honey, which can provide a crisp taste.  We say:  peach and honey, smooth and creamy.  Buy again:  Yes, at $4.99, it's a no-brainer!

Happy Father’s Day to Mr. Sidewalk Shoes and all the father’s out there. 


Bella Rum said...

My sense of taste suddenly changed. I didn't like Riesling. I enjoy it very much now. Will try this.

a good yarn said...

The idea of a cool glass of wine, a wicker chair, shaded porch and pretty garden appeals right now.

shabby girl said...

That setting would make anything taste good!