Thursday, July 4, 2013

Book Review ~ The Dinner by Herman Koch


The Dinner by Herman Koch

The Dinner by Herman Koch is a very disturbing book. 

Luckily, I love disturbing books. 

What a good disturbing book needs is a disturbing character and The Dinner finds it in it's narrator, Paul Lohman.  Having this character be the narrator is what makes this book work.  We are allowed to see in the mind of someone who views appropriateness in a whole different light than most people. Someone who is constantly monitoring his emotions, to present himself as normal as possible, while still succumbing to his impulses which make him decidedly not normal.   Someone who sees everything that he does, and by extension his family, as understandable and to be expected no matter how far off the norm they are.  His thoughts are so twisted and presented in such a matter of fact way.

This book is not for everybody, but if you love a good psychological thriller with a good bit of violence thrown in, you will love this book.  I did.

Oh, and by the way Happy Fourth of July!!


Joanne said...

I'm feeling almost anxious just reading ABOUT it!

a quiet life said...

you know i liked this, i am glad you did too, i was afraid you wouldn't find it disturbing, and that was disturbing to me!