Bye Bye Google Reader Hello Feedly



Well, it’s here.  July 1, 2013.  The day I’ve been dreading.  No more Google Reader.  Like a lot of people, I was shocked when Google announced that it would be shutting down Google Reader.  I have 279 blogs that I read.  Yes.  279.  Perhaps my folder categories will give you an idea of why I have 279:  All Things French, Photography, Always Read Favorites, Apple, Books, Cooking, Décor, Fashion, Productivity, Misc, and Sewing.  What can I say?  I have a lot of interests.  I had built my Google Reader from the ground up over at least 8 years or so.  It was a work of art. The thought of losing it was unthinkable.

Guess what?  No big deal.  I made the switch to feedly and it was completely and utterly painless.  I logged in with my Google account and of my feeds and folders transferred over.   I love it!  I love that you can view your feeds in different views.  And other than one small mishap when I accidentally marked 1794 entries as “read” instead of leaving them “unread” – it’s been great. 

I plan on adding some follow buttons on my blog for feedly or bloglovin because it turns out losing Google Reader was not such a big deal.  Now, If I can come up with a new homepage (I use iGoogle) which is going away in November, I’ll be all set.

What do you use for your homepage?

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  1. says

    I am dim as a post about this. I thought that my favorites feeds and blog list on the side of my page were going to go up in a puff of smoke. I clicked on today and no change. Yippee. I guess I don’t know from Google reader.

  2. says

    i was so excited to see reader today, i thought it was all a hoax and they changed their minds, but nope, this is THE last day… gulp :-(

    i just tried to get to feedly, it was a blank page, did they crash in the rush? i signed up for bloglovin and aol reader, i really like aol, except you have to keep logging in beta form, but its very similiar to reader for me. i hate change… i was happy, i love have having my own private newspaper with reader, one quick glance and i feel i am still in touch, i dread manana, old dog hates new tricks mentality here… tick tock, this is as bad as y2k!