Garden Tuesday ~A few birdies


Bald headed cardinal

A bald headed cardinal!!  I couldn’t believe it when I saw this.  But then I felt somewhat reassured when I googled “bald headed cardinal” and a lot of questions showed up.  Turns out they believe this is an unfortunate molting pattern.  That he just so happened to loose all of his head feathers at the same time.  They suggest that some of these may be juveniles going through their first prebasic molt.  Since we had 3 baby cardinals in our backyard, I’m guessing that’s probably it.

bald cardinal and house finch

Mr. House Finch does not seem to be concerned about the bald head. 

black cap chicadee

The little black capped chickadees like to swoop in, grab a seed and then take it to the closest branch and break it open.  The crack the seed, eat it, and then swoop in for another.

bald headed cardinal and house finches

One last birdy photo.  You’ll notice the cardinal sits and eats.  Taking his time.  While the finches flit around, which is what finches do best.

Any birds in your garden this week?  Any bald headed birds!?

Please join me for Garden Tuesday.

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  1. says

    I’ve never seen that in a cardinal before…poor thing. Kind of like the awkward teenage stage. I get these finches too. Are they purple finches?

  2. says

    Good Morning Pam! Thanks for hosting this hop party – I added in two posts this week – one about a picnic we took over the weekend and another about harvesting potatoes from our compost pile!. I hope you have a marvelous week!
    Vickie @ Making Our Sustainable Life

  3. says

    My son has a bird feeder on his apartment deck, right outside his sliding glass door. He refers to it as his cat entertainment system, so the kitties have something to watch while the people are at work. And, no, the kitties are not allowed outside. So his birdies, like yours, have a safe haven.

  4. says

    You and I have the same birds in our yard. I have seen quite a few juvenile cardinals but none are bald.

    Loved the photos.