Garden Tuesday ~lambs ear, sedum, bee balm, and more

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bee balm

Do you ever order from garden catalogs?  I purchased what was called a “hummingbird garden” – it was to be filled with all sorts of red plants to attract the hummingbirds.  I don’t know what happened, but instead of the usual red bee balm, I received this lovely lavender shade.  It’s really pretty, but I planted it with all my other red plants in the back and it doesn’t go.  So, I’ll need to move it!

Daisy may daisies

These “Daisy May” daisies that I planted last year came back quite nicely.

The “Cherry Brandy Black Eyed Susans” were also a new addition last year and they are gorgeous this year.  If you are wondering how I am keeping track of what I planted and what it was called, I talked about it in this post:  Using Evernote and Skitch for Gardening.   We just bought 5 new plants that we’ll be adding to the garden, and with Evernote, I’ll be able to record when and where we planted them.  Love it!


Every garden needs a few daylilies. Which in no time become more than a few!

Sedum Autumn Joy

All of my plants are loving the regular, steady rain that we have been receiving.  Here it is July and I haven’t had to use the sprinklers once.  Last year, I started the twice weekly ritual in April, so I am a very happy camper – and so is my Sedum Autumn Joy!

lambs ear

And my lamb’s ear is continuing in it’s quest for world dominance.

What’s in your garden this week?

Please join me for Garden Tuesday.

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  1. says

    Love your garden. I added two posts this week; one about making your own DIY vegetable rennet to make cheese and the other about barbequed cheese stuffed chili peppers! Just a note – I wish I had more than 15 characters for the name of the post – it’s really limiting. Thanks for hosting – see you again soon!

  2. says

    I love those daisy may’s. I’m such a traditionalist in the garden. I once had some red monarda and the hummingbirds did love it.

  3. says

    Thanks for the Skitch recco. I think it will be very helpful for just this use. Do you keep your garden photos in a special place on your computer or just keep them in the date folder with any others? Thanks again, Sara

  4. says

    love your flowers. I have a lot of salvia for the hummingbirds. I have Anna’s and rofous, and both Baltimore and Bullocks orioles visiting my feeder. I begged some bee balm from my neighbor but since it hasn’t bloomed yet I forgot what color it will be!

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