Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend Wine #171 Trader Joe’s Sauvignon Blanc

Sidewalk Shoes Trader Joe's Sauvignon Blanc

Trader Joe's Sauvignon Blanc, 2012, $5.99, Trader Joe's.  They say:  deliciously complex with ripe melon, nectarine and lemon zest flavors.  The wine has a rich, viscous mouth feel which finished clean and refreshing.  We say:  We agree with everything they say.  Buy again:  yes. 

Dear Tennessee,

Please allow grocery stores to sell wine.   If you did, stores like Trader Joe’s would come here. 

Thank you,

Sidewalk Shoes


Jessica J said...

Yum, this one sounds good! I didn't know they didn't sell wine at grocery stores in Tennessee. They are some weird laws on the book in these parts of the country :)

Mary Lee said...

Gee, I didn't remember that from our time living in Tennessee. I must not have been much of a wine drinker in those days or I'd surely remember. Where is it sold--wine shops? NC has ABC stores for liquor, but wine can be sold in grocery stores as well as wine shops.

Trader Joe's is here--two locations. What really surprised me was that they opened a store in Wilmington, NC, on the NC coast. So much for thinking they opened only in larger cities.

shabby girl said...

That's probably true. They DO sell a lot of wine! Just think of all the neat cooking ingredients you could find there as well!