Garden Tuesday ~ St. Francis, Hosta, Garlic Chives

Sidewalk Shoes St. Francis

Well, after a nice cool-ish summer, it’s heating up.  Temps in the 90’s.  I hate it.  I’ve already bought my first sweater of the season and I am ready for some snow.  Lot’s of snow.  I think I have all ready mentioned that this school year did not look promising, well it is living up to my expectations.  Barely three weeks into school and I’ve had one student suspended and others in in-school suspension.  I need to spend some time in my garden with St. Francis, and St. Therese, and Mary and relax.

Sidewalk Shoes Garlic Chives

After pulling up garlic chives by the armfuls, they have almost been eradicated from my garden.  Garden chives and mint are in a tie for garden bully of the year.  There are a few stragglers left, creating little white clusters of brightness amongst all the green 

Sidewalk Shoes Hosta

Sidewalk Shoes Hosta

Sidewalk Shoes Hosta

Sidewalk Shoes Hosta

But the highlight of the garden right now is hosta.  Large spikes of pale purple-white flowers hang heavy over the garden paths.  Such a hard working plant, big beautiful leaves provide edging and foreground plants for beds for most of the summer, and then in the fall these gorgeous tall spires of flowers provide waves of color.

How about you, what’s in your garden?

Please join me for Garden Tuesday.

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  1. says

    So so sorry. Thank goodness for gardens, even small ones like mine, they help you to remember to breathe. I love your hostas. I have some of those chives too. It’s the mint and lemon verbena that I have let take up space this year…

  2. says

    I’m sorry about your rocky start. Maybe it will all be out of the way now and things will get better. Some years are like that. I like garden chives and have never had a problem with them taking over the garden…mint…well, plant a little clump Madame and then step out of the way.

  3. says

    We don’t like garlic chives, so when I need to make a space for a new plant, out they go. I grow mint in pots buried in the ground with an inch of lip above ground. Keeps them in bounds.