The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel

Sidewalk Shoes The Astronaut Wives Club

In July, 1969, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.  This meant something to me because, I was 10 years old, my last name was Armstrong, and I told everyone he was my uncle.  That is pretty much the extant of my space knowledge.  So, I don’t know what I was expecting when I chose The The Astronaut Wives Club: A True Story , but what I got was a thoroughly enjoyable read. 

This book is fascinating.  I had no idea how much it took to be an astronauts wife.  There was of course the dangerousness of the job, which she had to accept.  And not just accept, but accept without showing weakness.  They were told how to dress and act.  They went from being normal wives to wives of celebrities.  Reporters camped out on their lawns, they had contracts with Life magazine.  

The author has put together a very thorough book, covering the relationships of the women and their husbands and their relationships to each other.  The astronaut wives pulled together, forming their club, because no one else could really know what they were going through.  Sitting at home, chain smoking cigarettes, taking care of the children and the house, while their husbands worked hard to be the ones chosen to go to the moon.  Pulling together when a tragedy occurred.   Being the perfect wife while their husbands lived out their dreams.  

A different look at a slice of American history.   

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    i really liked this book and was fascinated by annies story about keeping the media at bay and her husbands full approval, it was such a true love story~ what a different era in time and i loved going back to read about your uncle…

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    I’ve read other positive reviews for this book and had planned to listen to the audio, but wound up with the ARC the day before yesterday! Now I can’t wait to dive in!

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    I wondered about this book, but am thinking (I actually met the Mercury astronauts at the Indy 500 at a party!) I’ve read a ton about them and was going to skip this. I’ll rethink.
    Am now reading the 20 year old book Devils Night…Stories of Detroit. I was there in 67 during the riots. Fascinating book, especially in light of Detroit’s bankruptcy.

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    I remember Moon Day, Pam. It sure was an exciting time.

    I like the premise of this book. I think I will have to give it a look.

    Thanks for sharing…