Happy Birthday Michael Lee West!!!! and Garden Tuesday

I have been a reader for as long as I can remember.  My favorite time of the year was summer vacation.  Not because I actually did any thing vacation like, but because I could read.  Read for as long as I wanted.  No homework or school to get in the way.  That first trip to the library, I would come back with a stack of six or seven books.  They would last a week.  Then back to the library.  Repeat until summer’s end.
I’ve read way more books than I have watched movies.  So authors are my celebrities. They are mystical wonderful creatures with ideas and words floating around in their heads.  They take those ideas and put them on paper and transport me to places I will never see in real life, to characters I will never talk to. 
So, the mere fact that I am able to sit here and write a Happy Birthday post to one of my very favorite authors and know that she will read it, is just amazing to me.   I can remember the very first time Michael Lee West posted a comment on one of my posts.  I ran ecstatic to my husband, “Michael Lee West commented on my post.  Michael Lee West commented on my post.  Michael Lee West knows who I am!”  He looked at me blankly.  I ran upstairs, grabbed my copy of Crazy Ladies, ran down, and shoved it enthusiastically in front of his face.  Even he was impressed.
Sidewalk Shoes Michael Lee West

Sidewalk Shoes Michael Lee West
So, when I was asked to join in her surprise birthday celebration, I didn’t hesitate for a second.  We were told to celebrate with her books, maybe make her a cake, do a tablescape.    Well, we know I don’t bake, and no way am I going to attempt a tablescape – everyone else looks like professional tablescapers – not going to go there, so I celebrate with her books. 
Books are how I first met Michael Lee West.  But now it’s so much more.  I’ve sent well wishes for her sweet little dog, Zap.  I know of Bandwith and Dr. Will.  I’ve had fun decorating her kitchen and watching her garden grow.  I’ve spent time thinking about what color she should paint her doors.
Even though I have never met her, she is my friend.  She has shared her books and her life with me and countless others.  I want to wish her a very, very, very happy birthday. 

The Novel Bakers Lavender Week

“The Novel Bakers” return with Apple Week October 14th through October 20th
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sidewalk shoes

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