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    We did a walk through the yard when the sun was out for a few minutes, making a mental list of the upcoming chores to get caught up in the “garden”. Whew, we will be busy!

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    So….how’s your snow? I trust you got a snow day today, and maybe tomorrow, too? It’s craptastically cold here – single digit high, subzero low tonight. Stay warm!

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    They haven’t lost their charm at all Pam..Their patina is beautiful.Pretty bouquet and I like the angle you took it from.. a welcoming staircase..windowa..calm light~

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    I’ve got the same bunny, and he looks like a wicked witch from Narnia cast a spell on him! We had to take the tractor to the pond and drill holes through the ice (for the animals). Hope your statues get a sunny reprieve.