Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Caturday! Doing a little Amazon shopping with Coco

Calico cat on laptop

Calico cat

Sidewalk Shoes Calico cat on laptop

Calico cat with laptop

Calico cat on laptop

As you can see, it’s pretty tiring doing all this internet shopping! 


Barbara said...

What? You didn't need help?
Think the second photo is one of your best!

Melynda Brown said...

Getting right in there, is one of the things I (usually!) adore about cats. Looks like Coco is a good shopper.

June said...

What a beauty she is!

Marjie said...

Did she find the catnip mice? And the Fancy Feast? And the Friskies Wild West Treats? Good.

a quiet life said...

i pray you don't have one click... we are terrified to see what our pets buy when we leave the room :-(

really liking goldfinch~

Kyle said...

Coco is so helpful!!! and pretty too!

Judi said...

Shopping or trolling Patchouli?

Catherine said...

Hopefully kitty has a large line of credit on the credit card. ;)
xo Catherine