1. It is true, we haven’t met but yet we have shared more than we do with many of our family and friends. My kids always ask something and I reply, “It’s on my blog, read it!” How fun and a wonderful tribute! Happy Birthday Michael Lee!

  2. Blogging friends are great! You got me choked up. It is true when you know how busy many bloggers are and they take the time to encourage you it does feel nice. She is the real thing and that’s why she is honored today. I must begin to read her books too. Honestly, I can’t finish reading all the blogs. How does everyone do it ???

  3. I feel the same way about summer that you do. I well remember going to the library with my mother, and picking out so many books. I would gather as many as I could carry and then isolate myself in my room reading. Come to think about it, I haven’t really changed all that much!

  4. Pam, I loved your post! I remember that Foodie Friday was the first time I ever linked up to a party. I totally goofed it up and Michael Lee still became a follower of mine. I’m like you, even though we’ve never met, I still consider her a friend, too. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to really meet our blogging friends in person? Happy Birthday, Michael Lee! xo

  5. Pam, I enjoyed reading this post. At a tender age, my mother let me check out books from the library: Peyton Place and Dr. X, along with children’s classics. What a cute story about your husband and blogging. Thank you for your generous words. I’m proud to call you a friend.

  6. Lovely tribute! I feel the same heartfelt sentiments about Michael Lee. How blessed we all are to have her as a friend. I’ve read all but Consuming Passion. Not sure how I’ve missed adding that one to my bookshelf, but that is about to change. ‘-)
    Happy Birthday, Michael Lee! ~ Sarah

  7. what a fabulous tribute! i went the shallow way with pics, you spilled your guts! i remember when i commented on her blog over some chocolate mice, THEN I LEARNED IT WAS MLW AFTER THE FACT! O-M-G!

    i too ran around the house squealing to my husband, i could not imagine that i had bumped into my favorite author too! plus, she is a wild one and so funny, i couldn’t even believe a world like that where i could chat online with an author i had been reading since her fist books came out…

    but now you wrote a heart felt message, i just did a cake with wasp on it!

  8. I loved hearing about your love of reading and books. I have only read 3 of MLW’s books so far and obviously today I am chomping at the bit for more! It is so wonderful when you find and author you truly enjoy and can always count on her books to delight you! Loved the husband story too, I just don’t think they understand their blogging wives! I was so awed when I first learned MLW was such a prolific author, I don’t know how she does it all! Enjoyed the party today, Happy Birthday to Michael Lee~

  9. I have never read her books but, thanks to you, I will start now! Which would you recommend I read first? Also, I’m interested in your “Novel Bakers” concept — sounds fun!

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