***Garden Tuesday***

Garden Tuesday

Every Tuesday I post photos from my garden.  I thought it might be fun if others joined me, so I’ve opened it up to a link.  All you have to do is link up.  You can copy my button and link to me if you’d like, which is nice, but totally optional.  The link is open for a whole week, so you don’t even have to post on Tuesday.  See how easy I am. 

People who’ve linked up have seen dramatic increases in their blog traffic, up 200% even!  (Not really) (But it could happen, you know)

So, grab the button (or not) and play along. 

Copy this code (between the asterisks – don’t copy the asterisks) for the smaller size:

***<a href="http://www.sidewalkshoes.com/p/garden-tuesday.html"><img src="http://scrappycat.smugmug.com/Other/blog/gardentuesdaybutton/1223644228_rPCTM-Th.jpg" /></a>***

or bigger

and this code for the bigger size:

***<a href="http://www.sidewalkshoes.com/p/garden-tuesday.html"><img src="http://scrappycat.smugmug.com/Other/blog/gardentuesdaybutton/1223644228_rPCTM-S.jpg" /></a>***