Garden Tuesday ~ Shade Loving Plants

Goats beard

Goats beard

Culver’s Root (Veronicastrum Virginicum) is an interesting plant.  We grow it in shade along with some hostas and astilbes.  It sends up these tall (6 feet!) spires of white flowers.

Japanese Painted Fern

Japanese Painted Fern

Next to and under the Culver’s Root, we have Japanese Painted Fern.  It is a delicate looking fern that is actually quite hardy and frows to a nice, decent size.  It adds a lovely soft green color to the foliage around it.

These two plants are in one of my favorite corners of my garden.

Please join me for Garden Tuesday.

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  1. says

    Wonderful pictures Pam. That first plant looks so stately. However, I am simply in love with the color and texture of the Japanese Painted Fern. I may just need to look into it!

    Thanks so much for sharing, Pam…

    P.S. I think I got my Garden Tuesday linked up right for a change:)

  2. says

    We struggle with shade loving shrubs, because our yard is just too big for pretty flowers and ferns to fill all of the shady areas. Great pictures, Pam!

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